Jamie Eichler

CEO: Leads the team in day-to-day operations to achieve the vision of BigStuf

After graduating college with an accounting and finance degree, Jamie put his education to good use and was originally hired by BigStuf in 2000 to fold t-shirts. Since then, he has done almost every job BigStuf has to offer, making him the perfect person to lead our team! BigStuf changed Jamie’s life, and he’s incredibly blessed to work with a gifted team who loves Jesus and sharing their faith to make a difference in the lives of students. Jamie may be short, but nothing about his life is small! From his creative ideas and challenging thoughts to his impeccable wake surfing skills, he’s always bringing something new and exciting to the team. Jamie and his wife, Kristin, are parents to their sweet daughters Alice and Avery.

Tiffany Andrews

Creative Director: Manages all creative components of camp & the store

Tiffany was a teacher for seven years before coming to BigStuf. At first she was nervous to leave teaching, but when she realized she would be working with and impacting students on a much larger scale, she jumped on board at BigStuf. And boy are we glad she did! She loves being able to provide students with the opportunity to take home a piece of BigStuf in the store. Whether it’s a BigStuf tee, a book that will help grow their relationship with the Lord or simply a picture online that will remind them of a special moment at camp, Tiffany’s goal is to provide students with something to carry with them long after camp ends. Outside of work, you can find Tiffany with her nose in a book or flying through the air to land her next trick at Terminus Wake Park with her husband Chase and son Hayes cheering her on!

Want to bring a piece of BigStuf home? Check out our online store: shop.bigstuf.com

Meagan Yates

Registration & Logistics Coordinator: Serves youth leaders as the main contact for all church groups

A graduate of the University of North Georgia (go Nighthawks!), Meagan has been serving on our team as the Registration & Logistics Coordinator since 2016. This girl loves organization, planning, and even spreadsheets, making her the perfect person to help leaders navigate the process of registering and preparing for camp. Meagan loves helping leaders with all of the pre-camp logistics so that when they arrive at camp, all they have to focus on is building relationships with their students! Meagan’s been serving at high school summer camps since she was a student herself, and we’re thrilled to have her serving on staff with us at BigStuf. When she’s not emailing and organizing, you’ll find Meagan in the woods/on a mountain, likely trail running or rock climbing with her husband Adam and dog Kuma.

If you have any questions about camp and registration, email Meagan at meagan@bigstuf.com. Or if you have an awesome corny joke, also email Meagan!

Lyndsay Wilson

Intern & Summer Staff Director: Leads our intern & summer staff teams

After attending BigStuf as a student for several years, Lyndsay became an intern in 2012. She fell in love with the ministry and mission of BigStuf and was thrilled to join the team in 2015 as the Registration Coordinator and later as our Leader Relations Coordinator because she loves people so well! Lyndsay’s done an amazing job of loving on our youth leaders, but now her next big adventure with BigStuf is as our Intern & Summer Staff Director! She is the perfect person to love and lead our college-aged teams, especially having once been a “BigTern” herself! We couldn’t be more grateful to have her in this role! In her free time, you can find Lyndsay and her husband Bennett exploring the city of Atlanta and spending hours in local coffee shops while listening to music that is three times their ages.

Email Lyndsay at lyndsay@bigstuf.com if you have a question about our internship opportunities!

Chelsea Pettis

Controller: Over day-to-day financial activity, contracts & staff/artist logistics

In 2007, Chelsea was given a new client at her first accounting job: BigStuf. Little did she know in just a few short months this connection would lead to a dream job that combined her love for numbers and passion for ministry. From planning and budgeting camp expenses to picking out candy and couch covers for environments to problem-solving backstage, Chelsea does so much more than crunch numbers. She loves that there is never a dull moment in the process of maximizing every dollar and seeing details come together to create an amazing camp for students. Outside of BigStuf, you might find Chelsea cheering at a FSU football game, searching for treasures at HomeGoods, sipping on an iced mocha while watching HGTV, caring for her sweet son Ethan or even baiting her hook on Lake Lanier with her husband Dallas.

Brittany Kennicutt

Financial Administrator: Gives support to BigStuf’s accounting team

Brittany joined the BigStuf team in 2010 working part-time in the accounting world. While her job includes making sure everyone is organized, paying bills, depositing money and managing mounds of paper work, Brittany can’t think of a better place to do it all and we can’t think of a better person for the job! With all the hard work comes endless laughs, unforgettable memories and the ability to witness students encounter Jesus throughout the summer. When not working, Brittany enjoys her new hobby of growing all different types of flowers in her yard and spending time with her husband Jeremy and their daughter Emma James.

Blake Eason

Social Media Coordinator: Manages BigStuf’s social media platforms

What can Blake Eason do? Well, the easier question to ask is what can’t Blake do? When he isn’t busy being the creative brain behind our social media accounts, you can likely catch Blake hosting, studying (go KSU Owls!), rapping, writing music, and grabbing lunch at Finn’s, all while sipping a cup of coffee. In fact, we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen Blake do anything without a cup of coffee in hand… Jokes aside, we at BigStuf love Blake and the way he serves our students through his role as Social Media Coordinator. Blake believes social media is the language of this generation and uses it to communicate with our students in a new, fresh, and authentic way. And that’s just one of the many things we love about Blake! Blake is intentional and loving in every conversation he has, with stranger or friend, and he pours that same intentionality into every tweet, story, and post. We’re so glad to have Blake in the BigStuf fam…and we think he likes us too! 

You can follow BigStuf on InstagramTwitter, & Facebook @BigStufCamps!  

Kathryn Garren

Executive Assistant to our CEO, Jamie

After attending BigStuf as a camper for five years and serving as an intern and summer staff member for three more after that, we finally got Kathryn to make the move to Atlanta and officially join our staff in 2016. And truth be told: she’s incredible! She somehow manages to keep up with all of the staff happenings and keep us all in line! When Kat’s not busy making sure things at BigStuf are organized and running smoothly, you can find Kat exploring all of the Mexican food the city of Atlanta has to offer, making new Spotify playlists, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, or obsessing over cute puppy videos.

Jeremy Kennicutt

Production Manager of BigStuf Events

Jeremy originally came to BigStuf as a student in 1999, came back as an intern in 2004, and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since! He now works as the Production Manager, overseeing all the technical aspects of camp. He also manages BigStuf Events, our full service sound, lighting and video company. In other news, Jeremy loves the color green, vacationing to Vegas and spending time at home with his sweet wife Brittany and their newest arrival, a little girl named Emma James.


Jonathan Amacher

Project Manager & Lighting Designer of BigStuf Events

Jonathan first attended BigStuf in 2004 as a student. It was the first time he experienced something of that magnitude, and so he continued to come back as a student every summer until he was eligible to be an intern. With his older sister as his predecessor, he applied and was chosen for the internship in 2011. After his internship, we just couldn’t shake him! We decided to hire him as our full time Technical Director to manage the warehouse and makes sure all of our production gear is in excellent working condition. Now Jonathan serves as the Project Manager and the Lighting Designer of BigStuf Events. In his free time, Jonathan is an all around adrenaline junkie always looking for a new adventure. He enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, skateboarding and anything else dangerous (including bear wrestling).

Luke Reichart

Production Technician & Audio Director of BigStuf Events 

A Colorado native with a love for the outdoors, Luke joined our team to help produce incredible experiences at BigStuf Events. After attending Bible school abroad in both Greece and Sweden, Luke came to us as an intern before joining our full-time events team in 2016. He loves music, photography, traveling, and in his spare time is incredible at woodworking (you can see some of his handiwork in our environments at camp). We’re so glad to have someone so passionate about using his gifts and leadership to create irresistible environments to reach people for Christ.