{The production of our new BigStuf Story CD began this week, so we thought we’d post an interview with the drummer on that CD, Brandon Coker. Get to know Brandon as Lanny Donoho (Mr. BigStuf) sits down with him and asks about his past and his passions.}

Lanny Interviews Drummer, Brandon Coker

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Tiffany Andrews

Tiffany Andrews

After graduating from the University of Georgia, I taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade for 6 years. Just recently, I stepped out of the classroom to pursue my passion for reading and writing; however, I still work with and for students (except now I work with about 10,000 students)! I am the Resources & Utilities Coordinator for BigStuf Camps. I help choose the books and products that go into the store each summer, and I am also in charge of our blog and social media. When I am not at BigStuf, I am usually doing something active. I have been blessed with an adventurous husband who gets my nose out of a book and onto a snowboard, wakeboard or trampoline. He brings out the adventurous side of me, who although sometimes scares me, in the end leaves me feeling excited and reenergized. We live in Woodstock, GA with our white lab mix named Callaway.

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