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Didn’t think our arms could take much more after load out, but if some awesome volunteers are going to throw us a surf…

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Hey #WeAreCamp8 and #WeAreCamp9, having a hard time describing your week at #BigStuf2015 to friends who weren’t there? Show them your highlight video!

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We can’t wait to see YOU back at BigStuf in 2016 for PRIME! #BigStuf2016

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That’s a wrap #BigStuf2015! Can’t wait to see you all back again at #BigStuf2016… PRIME!!

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The hallways are packed, the cheering has started (yeah, even backstage we can hear you guys out there). That can only mean one…

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Today is the last full day of #BigStuf2015 😢 #WeAreCamp9 students spent their free time enjoying this epic weather one more time. What…

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“Come out of hiding you’re safe here with me. No need to cover what I already see” #WeAreReal #WeAreBrave

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“You don’t have to confess everything to everyone, but you do need to confess everything to SOMEONE. Someone you TRUST, someone of the…

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That moment when Sojo picks YOU to go on stage 👌🏼😅 #BigStuf2015

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After the sessions and after the small groups, we spend afternoons outside in the hot Florida sunshine. The last rec tournament champions will…

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One of our favorite parts of camp is Opening Night. The room goes black, the drums light up, the curtain drops…AND IT BEGINS!!…

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@jameyd82 started the summer with us at #WeAreCamp1 and now he’s ending the summer with us at #WeAreCamp9. Get ready for an incredible…

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#WeAreCamp9 is moving in for the week!! Let’s go last camp of #BigStuf2015!!

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“Through every trial My soul will sing No turning back I’ve been set free Christ is enough for me”

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Sweatshirts in the summertime? People may think we’re crazy but if you’ve ever been to the main room at BigStuf…you know. ❄️❄️❄️

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Many of the students & leaders who come to BigStuf have asked for a way to take the experience home with them to…

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    Bigstuf summer camps are hosted right on Florida’s most beautiful beach: Panama City Beach. This location is the foundation of a fun week-long experience for students to hang out and learn about Jesus. With over 25 Years of experience in ministering through Christian summer camp environments, specifically for middle and high school students, Bigstuf is a worthy choice to provide your church youth group with an experience that deepens their relationship with Christ and connects them with new and old friends.


    BigStuf summer beach camps are a catalyst for teens and pre-teens in helping them navigate their faith journey. With the best speakers, artists, beach activities, and fun amenities, time spent at BigStuf Camps is unforgettable. Students who attend summer camps in Panama City Beach leave with life changing experiences.

    We're proud of what we do, and we believe our testimonials speak volumes for the value of our camps! The combination of beautiful scenery, endless activities,amazing worship and talks are unique and created to make a student's summer change the rest of his or her life.


    Are you ready for your high school and middle school students to hit the beach this summer? Browse our site to learn more about our upcoming summer camps for your youth group. Check out our faqs, schedule, small groups, speakers, artists, leader testimonials and internship program. Stay up to date with all things BigStuf by checking out the below links to our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Still have questions? We'd love to talk! Give us a call at 1-800-967-7883.

Leader Testimonials

Bigstuf camp is big enough to feel like a movement but small enough to feel like God is personally impacting a student's life. It's an amazing experience!

Daniel McKee, Montgomery Community Church

Great cost, Great atmosphere, solid Bible teaching. You're crazy not to go!

Jason Harper, Sarasota Alliance Church

BigStuf is another word for Life Change. It not only changes the lives of your students , but your volumteer's as well.

Charles Matlock, Two Rivers Bible Church

Where God is found by those that seek and those that had no idea he was hunting for them.

Jason Weems, First Methodist Church

Big Stuf Camp has inspired and ignited our students' faith. If you are looking for a week for your students to recharge and for you as a leader to spend intentional time with your students without the hassle of planning every detail, then you have to attend Big Stuf.

Taylor Foley, Grace Church

The BigStuf experience is like no other - unique, powerful, and done on a high level of excellence not common to most summer camps.

Anthony Rick, Coastline Community Church

BigStuf is an awesome week of worship and fellowship with your students. Being on the beach in a camp atmosphere just adds to the amazing experience we have every year.


BigStuf has radically transformed the hearts of my students so that when they leave they're living, acting and looking more like Jesus.

Kyle Thomas, Prairie Lakes Church

It makes the most impact on my students out of any event throughout the year and leaves a lasting impression that helps change lives!

Jessica Morris, Main Street UMC

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