The BigStuf Internship is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Our mission is to develop college-aged students into confident and capable leaders through providing opportunities for serving, intentional community, and discipleship.

If you’re considering applying to be a BigStuf Summer Camp Intern, there are three things you need to know:

You will SERVE.
The main role of our BigStuf Interns is to serve every student, leader, speaker, musician and hotel worker that walks through our doors. In order to serve well, interns learn everything it takes to make BigStuf possible. From being camera operators and stage managers to store cashiers, referees, videographers and support to registration specialists, interns will get the chance to experience it all. By trying out each role at camp, interns are pulled out of their comfort zones and given the chance to discover strengths they never knew they had.

You will GROW.
At BigStuf, we place an incredible amount of value on investing in our team–including each and every intern. While serving, interns will sit under the wisdom and training of some of the most influential leaders in ministry today. Interns walk away with a better understanding of how they are uniquely wired and will develop the skills to lead well when they head back to their colleges and communities.

You will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.
The BigStuf Internship is by far one of the most fun ways to spend a summer. We laugh. We dance. We play. We have a great time. Interns are surrounded by a team of energetic, passionate and Christ-focused people who desire nothing more than for students to encounter Jesus. It’s impossible to not have a blast when each day is spent creating an environment where students hear about Jesus.

Are you ready to serve, grow and have the time of your life? Then apply to be a part of our team this summer!