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The BigStuf Internship is more than just a summer job; it’s a chance to become a part of the BigStuf Family. Our 16 interns serve side by side all summer long. They will learn and grow together as a team, while serving over ten thousand teenagers and leaders at camp!

Our interns learn how to do everything it takes to make BigStuf happen. They are camera operators, stage managers, store cashiers, expert t-shirt folders, referees, videographers, camp hype men (or women), registration coordinators, communicators for all things Do BigStuf, and SO much more.  They do this alongside 15 new best friends, creating the summer of a lifetime.

At BigStuf we place an incredible amount of value in our interns. We work hard to make sure the program invests in each individual as much as they invest in us. The team is surrounded with leaders who walk alongside them, help them learn more about who they are, and who their Creator wants them to be. We also provide opportunities for some of the most influential leaders in ministry to invest, teach, and speak wisdom to the team.

BigStuf interns might work hard but they also play hard. There’s never a dull moment or shortage of laughter. How can you not have fun while working at the greatest camp in the world and living at “the best beach this side of paradise?” It’s no surprise our interns leave the summer refreshed and ready for the next chapter in their life.


  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and an active involvement in a local church or Christian organization
  • A servant’s heart reflected in a willing attitude
  • Must be at least 18 years old, have graduated high school by June of 2013 and/or completed one year of college.
  • Must be able and willing to raise support to cover expenses.
  • Must be able to do manual labor. Interns will load and unload semi trucks and lift heavy pieces of equipment, boxes, stage, truss, lighting, etc. Interns also help build and construct the stage.
  • Must be able to work outside on the beach during the hot summer days in Florida.
  • Must be available by noon on May 23rd, 2014 for training in Atlanta through July 31st, 2014 (beginning and end dates of Internship subject to change).


All applicants will have to take a StrengthsFinder 2.0 strengths assessment test, and submit their results with the application packet. Visit to get the lowest cost on this book or visit the StrengthsFinder website to buy just the code. All staff at BigStuf is required to take the StrengthsFinder test to learn areas of giftedness and how their gifts can be used most effectively. We believe that whether accepted for the Internship or not, StrengthsFinder will help you make choices as you advance in your college and adult career.


StrengthsFinder Homepage

StrengthsFinder (
*We suggest you buy new copies of the book as the code printed inside the cover is a one-time use!


All applicants will have a video interview through Skype with BigStuf staff as a part of the application process.


How old do I have to be to apply?
All applicants must be at least 18 years old, have graduated high school by June of 2013 and/or completed one year of college.

When can I apply?
The 2014 application will be up September 6th, 2013. All applications must be postmarked by December 31st, 2013. Any applications marked after this day will not be considered for the 2014 Internship.

Do I need to have any previous experience?
It is not required that applicants have any previous experience in any field in order to apply. BigStuf will teach interns how to do everything they will do over the summer.

What does the application process look like?
Each applicant must fill out the application in its entirety, get three referrals, and do a 3-5 minute video. After we receive everything we will schedule a video interview over Skype with our Intern Coordinator and two Intern Leads. A second call for follow up questions may occur.

When will you pick the team?
We will announce our 2014 intern team no later then February 1st, 2014.

When does the internship start/end?
The internship starts May 23rd, 2014 and ends on July 31st, 2014. (Dates are subject to change)

Where does the internship take place?
The BigStuf offices are located in Alpharetta, GA. The team will meet here for a week of training then head to Panama City Beach, FL with the staff for the rest of the summer. Once the summer is over we will come back to Alpharetta for a few days then the interns will be released to head home.

Why do I have to raise money and how much do I have to raise?
We require each intern to raise $2800 (amount subject to change) in order to cover the cost of the internship program as a whole. This will cover training before camp, all of each interns travel to/from Atlanta to Panama City Beach, meals and lodging for the entire summer, and any planned activities before, during, and after summer camps. This fundraising process also helps build a support team back home for each intern, people who are encouraging and praying for the individual.

Do I have to pay for anything while there?
The $2800 support that you raise will cover all of your basic expenses over the summer, as stated above. The individual will pay for anything above and beyond those costs.

What types of jobs will I be doing?
Interns will be doing a wide variety of tasks. During sessions they will be operating cameras, stage managing, running ProPresenter or ProVideoPlayer, managing the green room, or helping at the info table. When we are not in session they will be cashiers in the store or Do BigStuf area, refereeing basketball or volleyball tournaments, shooting for highlight videos, keeping water stashed at the rec fields, and having fun with over a thousand different teenagers each week.
Each intern will also own and be responsible for one area of camp, e.g. store managers, green room managers, rec time managers, etc.

Will I have any time off?
Most of the summer interns will have weekends off between camps do to whatever they want. They will also have a little bit longer of a break over the Fourth of July.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?
Depending on the length and timing of the scheduling conflict, BigStuf will try to work with accepted interns. But if applicants cannot commit to a whole summer with us, then it’s best to wait and apply for the following summer. 

What does a typical schedule look like day to day?
7:30 am – Breakfast & Team Meeting
8:00 am – BigStuf Store & Do BigStuf Experience
9:00 am – Production Meeting
9:15 am – Session Starts
11:00 am – Youth Leader Training/Student Entertainment Session
12:00 pm – Lunch
1-5:00 pm – Recreation for Students (Volleyball & Basketball Tournaments)
5:30 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Production Meeting
7:47 pm – Session Starts
9:45 pm – Church Group Time/BigStuf Store & Do BigStuf Experience
11:30 pm – Security